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Born in Geneva in 1969, Sophie Basso’s life has always been marked by a passion for automobiles and photography. A lawyer specialising in finance, in 2005 she permanently relinquished her briefcase for her camera and her brushes to fully devote herself to her artistic and photographic aspirations. The adage “the law leads to everything” has found a rededication here.

Apart from her passion for the male dominated environment of the automobile and the motorcycle, she is also fascinated by the world of contemporary art and of cartoon strips. These inspire her to express her views as an artist, by artistic impressions, including onto canvas, using mixed media. Sophie Basso fits into the scattered movement derived from the pop art, the neo pop.

Her style and specific art, derived from her immersion in the digital age, combine different visual sources into a colourful and personal composition, a skilful blend of new technologies and more traditional methods.

After publishing two books of automotive photographs and working mainly under terms of reference for eight years, particularly at various European race circuits, Sophie Basso felt the need to devote herself entirely to much more personal achievements.

Through her works, Sophie Basso seeks to catch our attention to generate a direct and immediate interaction with her characters. She emphasises the distortions of the mind as well as the many possible interpretations of the same thing. Thereafter it is up to each to derive the meaning that he or she wishes to give to her works which speak directly to our own emotions.


2005 - 2014

  • Undertaking commissions for paintings and photos
  • Bank Raiffeisen, Nyon exhibition - 30 September to 15 November
  • Marcel Béguin SA, Lausanne exhibition - 1 April to  25 June

2010 - 2011

  • Photographer for the JMB Racing et Bruichladdich teams, Le Mans Series Championship
  • Production of books for the JMB Racing et Bruichladdich teams
  • Production of the book Classique Endurance Racing 2010 & Dix Mille Tours 2010 with Dominique Breugnot
  • Photographer for the  Easy Race team, Le Mans Series Championship , Total 24h of Spa
  • Photographer for EVO  Italy, Le Mans Series Championship
  • Photos and creation of advertising for BMC Air Filters
  • World in Red for the Easy Race team


  • Design and production of billboards for the Easy Race team
  • Advertising campaign photos BMC Airfilters Italy
  • Total 24h of Spa for EVO Italy
  • Photographer for the JMB Racing et Easy Race teams, Le Mans Series Championship, Total 24h of Spa
  • Motor und Sport, cover page and illustrated reporting on the 24 hours ofDubai
  • Musée de l’Elysée Lausanne, from the  08.02.07 to 20.05.07, exhibition of photos
  • Photographer for the JMB Racing et Easy Race teams, Le Mans Series Championship, Total 24h of Spa
  • Exhibition at the Galeries Lafayette, Grenoble, "boules de neige" sculptures
  • Photos for the bank Baring Brothers Sturdza, Morgan Aero 8 GT3 sponsor

2005 - 2006

  • Photographer for Porsche Cup, Italy

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